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25 October 2009


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Henrik Kniberg

Great post, thanks Rachel! I like David's "evolution over revolution" approach. I think one of the hardest jobs of a coach is to decide when to do evolution and when do revolution. I agree with David though that evolution should be the default.

Adam D.

This is a great article. Oh how far we've come in the last 10 years. Thought I was being Agile. Back to "doing" for the next little while :) Being a coach became more exciting!

Dave Nicolette

Thanks for sharing this. It's great stuff. I wonder whether this approach to introducing change is really unique to "kanban," though. Seems to be generally applicable. Still, great stuff.


" I wonder whether this approach to introducing change is really unique to "kanban," though. Seems to be generally applicable. Still, great stuff."

It's not unique to Kanban at all. It is pretty standard change practice. Something that a lot of us do with Scrum as well.

David Kaufer

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