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17 August 2010


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I've been participating in a weekly coaching circle that I've found to be incredibly helpful. It's similar in the sense of we are coaches that help each other out and talk about what's working and not working in our respective engagements.

I've experimented with 'dojo' type approaches in organizations I've worked with whereas it's as simple as getting a group of scrum masters or product owners together to talk about challenges and 'practice' techniques in a safe way.

The best way to improve is through practice and I love the idea of dojos in any discipline!


FWIW Myles Downey et al favour the word "player" (as do I) rather than the rather lame "coachee".

- Bob

Dave Rooney

It was my pleasure to be part of the session! I already plan to start using the format at a large client where I'm helping to create an internal coaching community.

BTW, I liked the term The Seeker, except that it kept triggering music from The Who in my head. :)

Rachel Davies

Thanks for helping me out in the session. Actually, I picked the term Seeker up from Harry Potter not Dr Who :-)

Harold Shinsato

I just participated in Jeremy Lightsmith's and Skip Angel's Coaching Dojo at Agile Open Northern California http://agileopencalifornia.com/wiki/index.php?title=Proceedings_Northern_California_2010. It was an amazing experience, both coaching and observing. Thanks for introducing this idea to them at Agile 2010 so they could bring it to Agile Open NorCal!


i really liked this post "Coaching dojos would focus on the same thing. The "how" aspects of what we do as coaches, such as what questions we ask and how we work with the person to help them solve the problem."

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