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03 October 2010


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Peter Saddington

Fantastic example of how to have the conversation around "Done." Well said!

Eric Laramée

Great post! Thanks.

Over the years, I've extended the DOD in order to "Surface the current practice" at all levels; from project launch (Sprint 0) to the final solution. In this case, a DOD can include stuff that goes form coding and testing to...printing promotional T-shirt (true story :)

All "done items" not included in a User Story are then added to the Product Backlog to create visibility and conversations with the ultimate goal to reduce inventory, overproduction and waste.

I elaborate on this here : http://tinyurl.com/2cu8fpl

Thanks again for the post!

Joe Woods

Thanks for the great post. I think it's done when everyone that's a stakeholder says it meets requirements or expectations. I'm still trying to figure out what agile methodology that we used at my last company. I know with their stories there were several check offs that had to happen before the story was considered done. First we had the developer saying that it was complete, then the stakeholder would check off and finally the QA would say it was accepted. If something didn't pass, then it had to be started over if there was time in the sprint or it would be backlogged for the dreaded 'R' word (rework) for the next sprint. With all these checks in place we rarely had things submitted as done when they really weren't.

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