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10 March 2012


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Markus Gärtner

My upcoming book ATDD by example will have an example on BDD-style tests using Cucumber as well as a section on parts of the theory behind BDD, though it is more focused on ATDD, but I found BDD belongs in that book, too.

George Dinwiddie

My article on the Three Amigos, published in Better Software and on the TechWell website (http://manage.techwell.com/articles/weekly/three-amigos), describes what BDD might look like in practice.

Matt Wynne

Great post Rachel!

Another link you could include in there is this 'virtual panel' discussion where Dan, Liz, Gojko and answered some questions about BDD. I think there's a lot of really useful background in it:


Rachel Davies

Thanks for the links. I've added those to the bottom of the blog post now.



To watch videos , please see this link

Lance Kind

Your stick figures ROCK! Keep it up! I find that illustrating using simple cartoons requires focused and tight communication much as twitter requires us to organize our thoughts to the BONE to a point across.

Nice! Nice!

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