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06 September 2012


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Hi Rachel,

I often use Improv warm-ups with the teams I coach. One great one is clap focus. In this exercise, one person claps and points at another person in the circle and says their name (passing the focus to that person), they then pass it on to someone else and so forth. We then carry that over to the stand-up itself. Whenever someone feels ready, they start, speak, and then pass it to the next person they'd like to hear from.

This helps change-up the order of who goes when every day, breaks the monotony of the meeting, and allows the individuals to pass to the people they want to hear go next. It also encourages listening, since you never know when it's going to be passed to you. It doesn't necessarily eliminate the talk of meetings in the stand-up, but it often ends up with those updates coming at the end.

I find the Daily stand-up to one of the easiest practices for teams to start doing, but most teams fail to get the full value out of it.

I actually put out a video course a little while back focused entirely on improving your daily stand-up meeting. I can post a link here, if you're interested.



Martin Ellemann Olesen

Hi Rachel,

I think the stand-up is primarily for the team to synchronize and not a verbal status report to the team lead. Working as Scrum Master I try to stand back and let the team own the meeting. I also let the team members start, but often finish by answering the classical questions myself. On the beginning I skipped answering them, but found the team actually wanted to hear from me too.



I agree that the morning standup should be about forward planning but more importantly it's about unblocking blockers. If the team is interacting with the board all day, that lowers the tone for an implicit daily report.
However, interesting meeting points should be raised to the team if it's applicable to the team, there's no better time then at standup. But if points are directed to a few members of the team, that should be taken offline, away from the standup.

I've lost the thread of the point I was trying to make, but there is no right way to do a standup, it's what works for the team.


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