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04 September 2012


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I think we will see these techniques, values and principles more and more outside software.
I have helped an organization with their process to design aeronautical parts. (It´s in spanish, google translator might help you? http://najaraba.blogspot.com.es/2012/05/agilismo-sin-software.html )

I know people using scrum for cultural projects.

Agile will control the world, for sure :P


Good article.
Agile is a set of values, principles and practices. Most of it can be used outside of software devloppement.
Here is an example with a marketing group:


Matthew S


Excellent post. Agile/Scrum techniques are well-suited to non software projects precisely because "...challenges that come up are pretty typical things we see in software development teams, like long standups and large tasks that don't move..." I've been presenting on the ways in which we've adopted Agile and Scrum to manage workflow and impediment removal in everything from HR to Accounting to Sales at Cyrus Innovation(www.cyrusinnovation.com). Slides are hosted here: http://www.slideshare.net/msalernocyrus/non-developer-scrum-teams-how-scrum-can-improve-your-operations

software development company Australia

Brilliant post...Agile adoption outside of software is nothing new , it dates back very close to the origin of today’s agile methods, predating the term “agile”.

Hunter Frye

Difficulties that come up are fairly common things we see in application growth groups, like lengthy standup and huge projects that don't shift.

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